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Job Posting

Position: Primary Care Paramedic
Organization: Naotkamegwanning FN EMS
City: Pawitik
Closing: 2023-06-30
City: Pawitik

Job Description:
As we expand our CP program, we need to shift existing PCPs from the EMS side to the CP side and backfill those positions. Currently, our CP funding is temporary which limits why we can only offer them temporarily. However, we are aware of one permanent FT position that will be opening shortly and posted internally. When any temporary FT positions end, you will become a permanent casual PCP.

Casual employees can work full-time hours and we do not automatically schedule shifts based on your availability. Instead, shifts are offered out-rotating to ensure equal access to the available shifts while allowing for flexibility with your personal schedule. The casual commitment is 180 hours per calendar year with a minimum of 1 shift every 90 days.

Please see the application for further information and directions.

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